The Masked Artist

Even though I have a lot of bitterness that is unreconcilable with the harbour church in pompano beach, fl, for being fake and a corporation in church clothing, I forgive them because I’m in such a great place now that the pain and neglect that they Ade me relive as a child has been for my families and my own benefit.

Now I know who real friends are, not just ‘fair weather’. I know what intimacy and structure is and I know what fellowship is.

If you have bitterness when people do wrong remember Joseph, when they sold him into slavery, he was accused of something he did not do and sent to jail for seven years.

Finally, God blessed him and his talent for reading dreams, to the point of being governor of all of Egypt.

Since I left the harbour church and a little before leaving, my husband has gotten bonuses in his job, our bills are settled and we might be moving to a better neiborhood soon.

If you wait and believe in the Christ your Lord and savoir, things WILL move that you never thought would move.

Questions to ask yourself and the church

If you have Jesus in your heart and Jesus loves everyone, are you not accountable or care about their feelings, their troubles, circumstances?

If you wish to have all the nations and bring in the world, how can you do that if you do not care or do not help those closest to you first?

Is it not better to have a strong few amount of people and a small place that is intimate and settled than to care about the massive numbers that are broken and scattered?

Is there a place for me to grow and/or help. Because I come to church not just to hear, but for action in serving.

If it is not my time to serve now, then what can I do to absorb the lord?